SFRR Europe has recently established a number of new Membership categories, which has resulted in a significant increase in our active membership.  We particularly value the support of senior members, who have in many instances registered their Early Career Researchers under the Institutional Membership scheme. SFRR Europe has between 350 - 400 members of which about a third are Early Career Researchers.  As members of SFRR Europe, Early Career Researchers have access to online webinars, reduced registration at our annual meetings and will be able to apply for SFRR-E Early Career Fellowships, and support for international laboratory exchange visits and to attend the biennial SFRR-E Summer Schools in Spetses, Greece.  Should you have any queries about our Membership schemes, please contact our General Secretary Prof Clare Hawkins.


The advantages of SFRR-Europe membership are

  • SFRR-E members get substantial discounts on the APC for Redox Biology and Free Radical Biology & Medicine
  • Participation in regular Society Meetings, with reduced registration rates for members
  • Participation at biennial General Meetings of the SFRR International
  • Reduced fee for publication in Redox Biology
  • Reduced subscription rates for 'Free Radical Biology & Medicine' (further info from the publisher)
  • Support for young scientists to attend international meetings
  • SFRR consists of five regional groups to which any individual can belong


SFRR consists of five regional groups to which any individual can belong:

  • The European Region
  • Society for Redox Biology and Medicine (Americas)
  • The Australasian Region
  • The Asian Region
  • The African Region
The activities of all regions are overseen by "The Society for Free Radical Research International" to which all members automatically belong when they join a regional Society.


Individual membership
  • Full member € 35.00
  • Student/Retired/PostDoc membership € 15.00

    Individual membership with subscription to FRBM
  • Full member € 55.00
  • Student/Retired/PostDoc membership € 35.00

    Double membership

Double membership with regional/national societies/associations (with automatic renewal every year that can be cancelled at any time), currently available for:

    Double membership rates
  • Full member € 40.00
  • Student/Retired/PostDoc membership € 15.00
  • Full member with subscription to FRBM € 60.00
  • Student/Retired/PostDoc membership with subscription to FRBM € 35.00

    Institutional membership
  • Institutional membership for groups with rates for individual membership or double membership (please contact the General Secretary at in this regard).


Please follow this link:



(a) The annual subscription for members of the Society will be paid directly to the Society, at a sum set by the Society on the recommendation of the Committee. A proportion of the annual membership fee, determined by the Committee of the Society for Free Radical Research, will be payable to the Treasurer of the International Society for Free Radical Research.

(b) Annual subscriptions will be payable in advance on the first day of January in each year, and every person at whatever time he/she becomes a members will forthwith pay his/her annual subscription in respect of the whole of the current year. Provided that he/she will become a member after the first of October in any year he/she will not be called upon to pay another subscription until the 1st January of the year following that in which he/she was elected.

The Society for Free Radical Research - Europe (SFRR-E) is dedicated to promoting interest in all aspects of of research related to Free Radicals in any scientific field.


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