How to write a Great Research Paper, and Get it Accepted by a Good Journal. By Anthony Newman from Elsevier


- PhD student in systems biology, MSCA

- Bone biomarkers as novel predictors of cardiovascular disease (CV) in type 2 diabetes (T2D) and Latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA)

- Post-doc

- Post-doctoral Fellowship in Mitochondrial Genomic

- PhD project "Characterization of Arabidopsis mitochondria translation machinery"

- PhD Position in Bioinformatic Analysis of Ageing (job code 29 /2018 )

- Scientific Director (F / M)

- The biological bases of frailty in ageing

- Epigenetics in aging diseases (neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer)

- Postdoctoral position in Catalytic emissions control

- Polyoxothiometalates: The Primordial Answer to CO2 Mitigation? (FIELDENJ1_U19SF)

- Medicine: Fully Funded EPSRC and Calon Cardio PhD Scholarship: Analysis of shear stress-induced von Willebrand factor and platelet damage from ventricular assist devices

- PhD: Impact of diet on cardiovascular responses to acute mental stress

- “Physiopathology of Diabetes Mellitus: metabolic phenotypization in Type 2 Diabetes patients

- Pancreatic β-cell identity, glucose sensing and the control of insulin secretion

- Metabolic Inflammation in Diabetes

The Society for Free Radical Research - Europe (SFRR-E) is dedicated to promoting interest in all aspects of of research related to Free Radicals in any scientific field.


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