• Department of Clinical and Biological Sciences
  • University of Torino
  • San Luigi Gonzaga Hospital
  • 10043 Orbassano, Torino (Italy)
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Abbreviated CV

Erica Staurenghi was born in Torino, Italy, in 1991. She graduated in Medical Biotechnology at the University of Torino in 2015 working on a project concerning the neuro-inflammatory, pro-oxidant and pro-amiloidogenic effects of some cholesterol oxidation products, named oxysterols, in Alzheimer’s disease. The same year she started her PhD in Experimental Medicine and Therapy at the University of Torino, supervised by Professor Gabriella Leonarduzzi. In the first two years of her PhD she focused on the correlation between brain oxysterol levels and Alzheimer’s disease progression, investigating the role of the redox-sensitive deacetylase sirtuin-1 as well.

She received the SFRR-E Early Career Investigator Travel Award 2017 to support her stay at the Maurice Wohl Clinical Neuroscience Institute (King’s College London), where she is currently working in the laboratory of Dr Wendy Noble with the aim of investigating the effect of some oxysterol mixtures on astrocyte reactivity, one of the main hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease brain. 


Testa G, Staurenghi E, Giannelli S, Gamba P, Gargiulo S, Tamagno E, Guglielmotto M, Tabaton M, Leonarduzzi G.  A silver lining for 24-hydroxycholesterol in Alzheimer’s disease: the involvement of the neuroprotective enzyme sirtuin 1. 2018, Currently Under Submission.

Gargiulo S, Testa G, Gamba P, Staurenghi E, Poli G, Leonarduzzi G. Oxysterols and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal contribute to atherosclerotic plaque destabilization. Free Radic. Biol. Med., 2017, 111: 140-150.

Testa G, Staurenghi E, Zerbinati C, Gargiulo S, Iuliano L, Giaccone G, Fantò F, Poli G, Leonarduzzi G, Gamba P. Changes in brain oxysterols at different stages of Alzheimer’s disease: their involvement in neuroinflammation. Redox Biology, 2016, 10: 24-33.

Vurusaner B, Gamba P, Gargiulo S, Testa G, Staurenghi E, Leonarduzzi G, Poli G, Basaga H. Nrf2 antioxidant defense is involved in survival signaling elicited by 27-hydroxycholesterol in human promonocytic cells. Free Radic. Biol. Med., 2016, 91: 93-104.

Gamba P, Testa G, Gargiulo S, Staurenghi E, Poli G, Leonarduzzi G. Oxidized cholesterol as the driving force behind the development of Alzheimer's disease. Front. Aging Neurosci., 2015, 7:119.


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