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FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE in FRBM on The Gut Microbiome in Health and Disease
Expected Publication Date: January 2017

FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE in FRBM on 4-Hydroxynonenal and Related Lipid Oxidation Products
Expected Publication Date: May 2017

FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE in FRBM on Regulation of cardiovascular redox signaling in health and disease
Expected Publication Date: June 2017

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President’s Message for 2017

I am very honored to serve as President of SFRR Europe during 2017-2018. I would like to give special thanks to my predecessor, Prof. Giovanni Mann for his leadership and accomplishments toward our Society during the past two years. I would be grateful to Giovanni for taking advantage of his experience to guide successfully our society. Many thanks also to the executive committee and the council members for their contribution to a dynamic and  healthy society. SFRR Europe organizational Chart has set up subcommittees that assign tasks  to the SFRR Europe council in order to achieve the objectives of the Society. The society has recently established a number of new membership categories such as double membership with related national societies and institutional membership, which has resulted in a significant  increase in our active membership.

During Giovanni’s tenure the Society renewed its successful contract with Elsevier, the publisher of Free Radical Biology & Medicine and Redox Biology. Theses two journals are the official journals of our SFRR Europe and the Society for Redox Biology & Medicine (SfRBM). Members of SFRR Europe serve on the editorial Boards and Publication Committees of these journals and contribute not only to a significant number of articles but also play an integral role as reviewers.

Our Society continues to actively support and encourage young scientists. A Free Radical School is organized every two years. The Society selects an Early Career Investigator for the Catherine Pasquier Memorial Award lecture at the Annual SFFR Europe meeting. Young Investigator Awards and newly created Travel Awards will enable young scientists to attend SFRR Europe meetings.

 SFRR Europe is expanding outreach programme to provide support for symposia and plenary lectures at joint meetings, such as the Oxygen Club of California World congress-Annual SFFR Europe meeting in Berlin, Germany 21-23 June 2017 ( and the special International HNE Club Meeting in memory of Herman Esterbauer in Graz, Austria , 14-15 September 2017 ( SFRR Europe will be hosting the SFRR-International meeting in Lisbon, Portugal in early Summer 2018.  Special thanks to Daniela Caporossi, our Meeting officer for her organizational and management skills.

Our society website is now well developed and gathers information of interest and latest updates. I would like to thank Juan Sastre, our General Secretary for his contribution to the website development and also for his great availability for the Society. Thank you also to Corinne Spickett who served as Treasurer of the Society during 8 years.

To conclude, I would like to congratulate Michael Davies for his election as President-Elect and the newly elected members of the Society. I will be honored that we work all together to keep our Society sound, active, and successful.

I am open to your suggestions and ideas.

Professor Josiane Cillard, PhD,
The University of Rennes1, France
President , SFRR Europe

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