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FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE in FRBM on Mitochondrial Redox Signaling in Health and Disease
Edited by Juan Bolanos, Enrique Cadenas, Michael Duchen, Mark Hampton, GIovanni E. Mann, Michael Murphy

FORTHCOMING SPECIAL ISSUE in FRBM on Human Performance and Redox Signaling in Health and Disease
Guest Editors: Jose Viña, Malcolm Jackson, and Mari Carmen Gómez-Cabrera

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Sponsor of SFRR Europe Basic Science Award Lecture

Sponsor of SFRR Europe Clinical Award Lecture
Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer
Sponsor of SFRRE Award Lecture and Catherine Pasquier Memorial Lecture
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President’s Message

Dear Members of the Society for Free Radical Research Europe

Giovanni E. Mann

I am delighted that SFRR-Europe’s new initiatives, including flexible Membership categories, Sub-Committees of Council, Early Career Investigator Travel Awards, have resulted in a significant increase in our membership. SFRR-Europe is currently renewing its successful contract with Elsevier, the publishers of Free Radical Biology & Medicine and Redox Biology. These two journals are the official journals of our SFRR-Europe and the Society for Redox Biology & Medicine (SfRBM), and our members have supported both journals with primary research papers, review articles and Special and/or Virtual Issues.  

SFRR-Europe is expanding its outreach programme to provide support for symposia and plenary lectures at joint meetings, such as the Oxygen Club of California World Congress-Annual SFRR-Europe Meeting in Berlin, Germany 21-23 June 2017 ( and the special International HNE Club Meeting in memory of Herman Esterbauer in Graz, Austria 14-15 September 2017 ( SFRR-Europe will be hosting the SFRR-International Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal in early summer 2018. As in recent SFRR-International meetings held in London (2012), Kyoto (2104) and San Francisco (2016), we aim to seek support from all regional SFRR Societies to underpin an exciting international scientific programme.

The Society held a very successful meeting hosted by Prof. Zolt Radek in Budapest, Hungary from 8-11 June 2016. All invited SFRR-Europe Award Lecturers are currently publishing state-of-the-art reviews in FRBM: Prof. Henry J. Forman (SFRR-Europe Annual Lecture), Prof. Anne Negre-Salvayre (Basic Science Lecture, sponsored by Elsevier), Prof. Mark P. Mattson (Clinical Lecture, sponsored by DSM) and Dr Betul Karademir (Catherine Pasquier Memorial Lecture).

I would like to congratulate the newly elected members of the Society’s Executive: Prof Michael Davies (President-Elect), Aprodite Vasilaki (Hon. Treasurer), Daniela Caporossi (Meeting Officer) and Juan Sastre (General Secretary) and thank the outgoing Executive officers Corinne Spickett (Hon. Treasurer) and Stathis Gonos (Meeting Officer) for their committed, long-term support of the Society.  I would like to also thank all SFRR-Europe Council members for their continued support the Society.  I look forward to continue working closely with Josiane Cillard, our President in 2017, the Executive and Council.

We welcome all suggestions to enhance the profile of SFRR-Europe, in particular for early career investigators, and please forward any suggestions by email (

With best wishes,
Giovanni E. Mann, PhD
President, SFRR-Europe

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