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Welcome message from Daniela Caporossi, SFRR-E President

Dear SFRR-E Members,
  If you have been visiting our website lately, you know there is a palpable sense of energy and momentum within the Society. I certainly feel that when discussing with colleagues in the council, when meeting senior and young scientists during the webinars or reading the excellent research results that our community is producing. 

Although some uncertainties remain on the feasibility of some activities and events, both in Europe and worldwide, SFRR-E is committed to continuing that momentum, because there has never been a more important time to forge collaborations and to foster scientific development and dissemination. Although the year 2021 has been very challenging, the SFRR-E Annual Meeting organized virtually from Belgrade by Bato Korac has been very successful, with a large participation of members and non-members, testifying the value of this conference in connecting the multidisciplinary community of researchers in redox chemistry, redox biology and related areas. The online Webinar Series, initiated in November 2020, is now a traditional biweekly appointment that will continue up to May 2022.  About 50 scientists have been contributing so far, sharing and discussing the latest results with the audience, allowing all videos to remain freely available in the SFRRE members’ area.  

The impact of the established journals, Free Radical Biology & Medicine and Redox Biology, testifies the interest of the wide scientific community towards redox research, and the new SfRBM and SFRRE official journals, Advances in Redox Research and Redox in Muscle Physiology, Exercise and Sport, have been launched by Elsevier and are open for submission.     

The growing number of memberships and the support of our sponsors allows the Society to continue the outreach programme at relevant meetings, and especially to continue and expand the support toward young scientists through fellowships, awards and conference registrations. A particular thank you to Oxygen Club California and to Elsevier that are joining us in fostering the development of the research skills of SFRRE PhD and post-doc.  I would also like to thank all young SFRRE members that replied or will reply to our invitation to join the new-established ECR subcommittee. We are very much looking forward to their support to best suit the expectations of young researchers and in refining the future SFRRE actions.

After two years of virtual interactions, we are now ready to meet again in person with the two main SFRRE scientific events: our annual meeting, jointly organized with the Plant Oxygen Group, and the bi-annual summer school, in partnership with FEBS and IUBMB. As you might know, we have been forced to renounce the hospitality that Joel Pincemail and the city of Liege were planning for the joint SFRRE/POG congress, but the great effort of POG and SFRRE people in Belgium secured a new venue, so we welcome all our members and interested scientists to join the 2022 Joint SFRR-E/POG meeting on 24-26 of August in the historical city of Ghent. The wonderful island of Spetses is ready again to welcome SFRRE PhD and post-doc to attend the summer school on “The Redox Alterations and Cellular Responses: From Signalling to Interventions” on 19 – 25 September 2022, organized by Aphrodite Vasilaki and Niki Chondrogianni. The scientific programme of both events promises a selection of the best and most exciting in current free radical and redox research, and young SFRRE members will be able to benefit from the financial support from SFRRE, OCC, FEBS and IUBMB.

To conclude, thanking all SFRRE members for their continued support, I’ll be looking forward to meeting you all very soon.
Daniela Caporossi   
SFRR-E President
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SFRR-E is expanding outreach programme to provide support for symposia and plenary lectures at joint meetings

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Our Society continues to actively support and encourage young scientists


The advantages of SFRR-Europe membership are
  • Substantial publication discounts for Redox Biology and Free Radical Biology & Medicine.
  • Reduced subscription rates for Free Radical Biology & Medicine (payable with annual membership fee).
  • Reduced registration rates for participation in SFRR-E conferences.
  • Reduced registration rates for participation in SFRR International conferences, and those of SfRBM and other SFRR regional Societies.
  • Support for young scientists to attend SFRR-E annual conferences and other international meetings.
  • Opportunity to apply for Early Career Researcher (ECR) Fellowships and schemes to promote international lab exchange visits.


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The Society for Free Radical Research - Europe (SFRR-E) is dedicated to promoting interest in all aspects of research related to Free Radicals in any scientific field.


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